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Our Denture Clinic

Get to Know Us a Bit Better

At Tooth Hub Denture, we are committed to provide excellence services. We believe that our patients deserve the best care, and we make an effort to make sure you always feel welcome and at ease. Whether you are coming in for quick check-up, dentures needed repair, new set of dentures, quote or even just to seek advises, our dedicated team of Dental Prosthetist and Technician have the skills and resources to manage all your needs.

We are Registered Health Dental Prosthetist Practitioners with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA).  We manage the whole process:

  • Assessement

  • Treatment

  • Provision of non-fixed dentures

  • Re-alignments

  • Repair

  • Fit and made sports mouth guards

No referral is required. Please do not hesitate to contact Tooth Hub  Denture on (0490 337 362).  You can also find us on 

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Tooth Hub Denture Prospect, Adelaide
We Provide Quality Denture Services

Your Smile is in Good Hands

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Why choose Tooth Hub Denture?

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Our focus is on quality

We pride ourselves on delivering a consistent high level of quality service

We fully guarantee our work

We want you to be 100% happy with every aspect of our service

Regular Communication

We understand the importance of good communication to ensure we are consistently meeting our clients’ needs

Great prices

Our low overhead structure ensures very competitive pricing

What We Offer

Our Job Is To Make You Better

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Full Dentures (Upper and/or/lower)

If you are looking for quality full denture (upper and/or/lower), then Tooth Hub Denture is the Denture Clinic for you. Our professional team is here to guide our patients every step of the way. Contact us for an appointment and experience our excellent service. Tooth Hub Denture can help your smile and confidence today.

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Partial Dentures/Repair Dentures/Denture Reline/Denture Re-alignments

If you have one or more missing teeth, Tooth Hub Denture can construct a partial denture for you.
If your dentures need repair, reline or re-alignments. Tooth Hub Denture can help you.

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Partial Chrome Cobalt Denture

At Tooth Hub Denture, scheduling a Partial Chrome Cobalt Denture has become simpler than ever before. Our personalized Partial Chrome Cobalt Denture provide patients with the resources they need to get their smile  on track. You will leave our clinic well informed and confident that your smile is in good hands. Contact us for an appointment at your earliest convenience.


Fit and made sports mouthguard

At Tooth Hub Denture, we fit and made sports mouthguard to your need.

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Dental implants are usually expensive and may not be suitable for everyone. At Tooth Hub Denture Services we are happy to explore all the treatment options so you are confident and happy with your decision and treatment plan.

We understand when it comes to dentures cost and services you need to know the exact cost to you. We assure you there will be no hidden charges.

What type of dentures do I need?

Dentures can be full upper, full lower, or just partial. A full denture arch is needed when all of the teeth on the top or bottom need to be replaced. Dentures are designed to look and work like natural teeth. The dentures that are provided by Tooth Hub Denture are removable prosthetics that are customized for your mouth and comfort.

What types of denture repairs are possible?

The most common kinds of damage that occur to dentures are:

  • loss or fracture of a tooth or multiple teeth

  • crack on the denture

  • small chip off of the “wing” or side flange

  • fracture with part of the denture missing

  • fracture without separation through part of the denture

  • crapes on the plastic

  • broken clasps.

What benefits will I get from my dentures?

  • Chewing ability – quality of life (enhance)

  • Aesthetics – Confident

  • Communication

  • Retention


Normally, we required six appointments to construct your new set of dentures from the first appointment to the last appointment, but in a complex case more appointments are needed.

The six appointments in a normal case consist of the following steps:

  • First appointment - consists of a comprehensive oral examination, medical questionnaires and a treatment plan for you. If you are happy with the treatment plan and the cost we proposed then we will take the first impression of your jaw.

The aim of the first impression is to capture your oral anatomy landmarks in order to make a good denture.

  • Second appointment – We will take your second impression but this time with your custom made special tray for a better fit and a more accurate impression to capture your oral anatomy landmarks. In this appointment shade and teeth will also be selected.

  • Third appointment – Recording bite position. This is to ensure the bite relationship are met between the lower and upper teeth when they come in contact naturally. The bite position is important in constructing a functional denture. This is done by taking an impression of a patient's upper and lower teeth in the bite position.

  • Four appointment - Try in. During the try in stage we take every steps to ensure you are satisfied with your final denture before we process the denture.

  • Fifth appointment – Insert. This is the stage where we insert your finished dentures.

  • Sixth appointment - Post Insert check visit. This appointment is to see if you have any issues with your new dentures.


EFTPOS Available
South Australian Pensioner Denture Scheme (PDS) Accepted
Veterans' Affairs Accepted
Private Health Cover Accepted (Please contact your private health fund for your level of refund and gap payments)

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